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AISL & Join us!

AISL & Join us!

Welcome! Join us and find the best alternative to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires.

AISL & Join us! is a boutique family-run school who has been dedicated to education since our opening. Providing our students with personalized classes within small groups is our commitment and mission.

Since 1991, AISL & Join us! has worked to become a permanently growing school aiming to become leaders in service and care for our students, staff, and neighboring community

Our school has been acknowledged and recognized by SEA (Argentine Association of Language Centers) and the City Government

More than 5000 local and foreign students have studied with us since our foundation in 1998. Some of our foreign students have come from countries such as: Germany, Austria, Australia, Brazil, the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Norway, Japan, China, and Libya, among others.

Our premises are located 5 blocks away from the Argentine National Congress in a beautiful, spacious, antique house that stands in the traditional neighborhood of Montserrat

Come and Join Us! In this unique experience.

Why join us?

Why join us?

We are the best alternative to study Spanish because we rely on:


A professional Team: We are a team of young professionals working to make your stay and learning experience easier in Buenos Aires. Every area in the school – teachers, heads, and secretaries - is ready to offer you a complete variety of additional services that will ensure you have a gratifying, stimulating and fun experience. 


An ideal location to discover the city. Our school is located in Montserrat, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires. The location of the school is one of the best, for it enables any tourist in Buenos Aires to travel inside the city limits in no more than 15 minutes. For Example, Standing just 5 blocks away from the historical and Majestic Argentine National Congress!


Constant staff training. All our staff; secretaries, teachers, coordinators and heads of department, are permanently participating in different kinds of training courses to ensure the best service in the market.


Experience. The work we have been doing since March 1991 has given us the drive and desire to find the best alternatives to enrich our service for our community as a whole.


Certified and acknowledged by the Argentine Association of Language Centers (in Spanish, SEA), sole meeting point of representatives-owners of language institutes available in Argentina ( and from the Government of the city of Buenos Aires.


Certified and acknowledged by the Argentine Association of Language Centers (in Spanish, SEA), sole meeting point of representatives-owners of language institutes available in Argentina ( and from the Government of the city of Buenos Aires.


Our courses abide by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages and its levels: Elementary I and II (A1), Basic I and II (A2), Intermediate I and II (B1), Advanced I, II and III (B2),  Superior (C1), and Mastery (C2)


Agreements with schools from other provinces in Argentina where our students can continue their studies. If you want to travel around the country and continue with your course you can do it in Salta, Córdoba, Bariloche and Mendoza, in schools who share our values and excellence.


A Coordinator of Studies and a Coordinator of Activities. The Coordinator of Studies is responsible for outlining your course and supporting you throughout the learning process. The Coordinator of Activities will advise you on the multiple entertainment and tourism possibilities displayed in Buenos Aires.


We provide University Credits to those students who pass the final exams for each level. The Universidad Abierta Interamericana is the institution that certifies our course credits. 



We are ideally located in Montserrat neighborhood, which is the oldest spot in the city. The school stands 5 blocks away from the National Congress Building. Strategically speaking, our school has one of the best locations in the city as it is 15 minutes away from any of the most important places in the city. 


getting here!

2 - 6 - 12 - 37 - 50 - 56 - 84 - 98 - 150 - 151 - 168

A - C - E

Entre Ríos 510 
Buenos Aires Argentina

tel: + 54 11 4381 7605



"I really enjoyed the rotation of the teachers and getting exposed to the different styles. The teachers are knowledgeable and enjoy communicating. As such the classes were always surrounded by a welcoming atmosphere. The school is obviously well-organized, but what really sets the school apart is the warm involvement of Carol and Isabel" Jerôme (Germany)

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International Exams


DELE certificates are official degrees which certify the level of competence of the Spanish language. This certificate is issued by Instituto Cervantes in the name of Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sports.


CELU or Certificate of Spanish, Language and Usage is an examination that certifies the competence of a Foreign Speaker of Spanish both in writing and oral in different social, working, and academic contexts. 

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Our Levels

  1. Beginner and Basic: 40 classes

  2. Elementary level I and II: 40 classes

  3. Intermediate level 1: 40 classes

  4. Intermediate level 2: 40 classes

  5. Intermediate level 3: 40 classes

  6. Advanced level 1: 80 classes

  7. Advanced level 2: 80 classes

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(+54) 11 4381 7605

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