Spanish Schools Argentina

Spanish schools Argentina have especially prepared and designed courses for students who wish to improve and develop their Spanish speaking skills especially in business and the work-place, literature and arts, medical and health-related services, and legal fields.

Students will take part in discussions and experience real life practices, such as role-playings, meetings, interviews, and presentations. They will read specific texts and will learn vocabulary to develop their oral and written skills related to business, literature and arts, medical health services, and the practice of law.

Spanish schools Argentina are the best and fastest, most easy and fun way to learn Spanish. The study of Spanish is enriched by a series of cultural activities including excursions, guided walks, wine-tasting, cooking lessons, dinners out, cinema, theatre trips and dancing.

15 years of experience, professional teachers, personalized approach and constant supervision, allow us to offer the best Spanish schools Argentina.  All our teachers hold a MA in Argentine and Hispanic Literature, and specializations in the field of transmission of a foreign language, as well as having many years experience in teaching Spanish to non-Spanish speakers. We are proud of our teachers' creativity, versatility and expertise to lead groups of students from very different cultures in their quest to learn Spanish. 

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