Spanish immersion Argentina

Buenos Aires is a city with a very diverse cultural heritage and with many fun social and cultural opportunities. If you decided to take a Spanish immersion Argentina, as well as the free sight-seeing activity included in your registration fee, you will be able to join other students in outings to la Recoleta, San Telmo, Puerto Madero, la Boca, and other locations less known to international tourists but significant to local dwellers.

Taking a Spanish immersion course means learning the language and discovering why Buenos Aires has a reputation as a party city, only the truly reclusive would argue otherwise. Bars & restaurants don’t close till 12 or 1am and clubs don’t even open their doors till 2am, which is fine since most Argentineans don’t eat dinner till around 10 pm anyways. Everything is pushed back a few hours, and then elongated into the morning. 

A Spanish immersion course is a very good option for you to take. We note that argentine people speak in a way that foreign students find easy to understand, therefore we invite you to enjoy this experience!.

Group programs are recommended for more prolonged visits, especially if you are interested in complementing your language studies with other cultural, sightseeing, or social experiences.

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