Medical Spanish Courses

Medical Spanish Courses is geared towards advanced students of Medicine or other health care professionals, or doctors with previous knowledge of the Spanish Language who have reached at least an Intermediate level.

Standard Medical Spanish Courses includes 2 weeks of Intensive Spanish program (40 Group classes and 20 one-to-one classes) and 2 weeks of shadowing in a hospital. This program offers to the students the opportunities of: Acting as speakers, listeners, readers and writers being able to perform in different communicative contexts with colleagues and patients; Getting in touch with the sanitary problems in our country; Performing in real communicative contexts through a shadowing in a hospital. 

Medical Spanish Courses prepares students to perform interviews with patients, answer questions in an interviewing situation, tell experiences, expose in front of an audience, listen to stories and expositions and give and interpret instructions.  

Learning activities During the classes, the contents will develop working with material especially designed for the Medical Spanish courses. Students will:

·         role-plays of interviews, instructions and explanations to patients
·         read expositive texts related to the county’s public health situation, and pathologies which appear in emergency room consults and  pre-surgical files or clinical histories; give brief expositions about study subjects

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